HOME AGAIN. And something of a TEASE.


It may seem we have been quiet. But we have not. Well, amongst ourselves we have not been quiet, and far be it from us to point out that LOUD webpages do not CURRY FAVOUR.

There are REASONS for this. Some of which we will not tell you, because we are a TEASE.

But it involves PLANS for 2017. Yes it does.

We will now leave that THERE.

So what is NEXT for TMF? Hm?

Well, let’s talk about one of our LAST FEW GIGS THIS YEAR OF OUR LARD 2016

Tomorrow we shall be playing at the our HOME venue. The delightful and non-whimsical retreat known as The Royal Oak, in Clevedon!

This is the last time this year that locals may PET & STROKE MIGGLE.


Here we are on the CLEVEDON PIER a while back….

This not The Model Folk

This not The Model Folk. This is a RUSE.

Purbeck Folk 2016. As It Happened.


I am Stallwood. I play the sackbut spoons heron clarinet and do as I am told.

On Thursday we went to Purbeck Valley Folk Festival. There was a Castle and a Steam Train. Everybody laughed. We were very happy.

There were lots of other people who went and were very happy. Some of them liked to do what we can do too. This was nice.

Then they made us put up tents and tune instruments.

On Friday, they made us perform on a stage. So we performed. Lots of people liked the sun. Some liked the trains too. But they also liked the Model Folk. I am in this band. We were very happy. This pleased Alex so much he raised one eyebrow QUIZZICALLY and with a certain devil may care ABANDON. There was a MOSHPIT made of children who also LIKED DINOSAURS. We like dinosaurs too. But maybe not unicorns. They are POINTY. Trains are not as pointy. But come to think, dinosaurs can be pointy. But in a nice way.  I heard that a famous man liked our tea song. I only like beer. Sometimes it makes me giggle.

On Saturday, we done it again. Someone made Miggle’s hat rotate. Miggle was less happy. We, on the other hand, were very happy. People saw us play and liked The Model Folk. Badger was mean to me in front of all the people. For some reason this made him happy. I am irked.

Lainey shook her eggs.

On Sunday, we done it in the afternoon. Everybody laughed and so we were happy. We did that song about a Magic Tractor. Do you know why it is a Magic Tractor? Apparently it turned into a FIELD. I do not get this. I choose to ignore Badger. He is an IDIOT.

Little Aspy was my friend on stage. He likes monophony too. The others are largely polyphonic. This worries me.

I really like Purbeck.


Thank you

REMINDER: Purbeck Valley Folk Festival!

You might think it’s been QUIET in MODEL FOLK land. It HAS NOT.

MIGGLE has been MEDITATING, but ALEX took this as a moment to make lots of LOUD and UNWIELDY noises on his STUPENDOUSLY BIG VIOLIN. This has been identified as erroneous JAPERY and he has been chastised. Think on THIS.

Anyway. We will REMIND YOU of THIS.


Thank YOU.

You will COME to this.



Roaring Back To Purbeck

Hello you, and you.
It is with great pleasure, and therefore our PROUD DUTY to announce, that we, The Model Folk, have been once again added to the beautiful Purbeck Valley Folk Festival.

This was a considerable highlight for us last year, and I don’t think we ever had such a lovely welcome. The sight of hundreds barking in time still fills us with immeasurable glee

This momentous news means that we will be sharing the bill with the likes of….


We will not be walking 500 miles, in fact we shall be driving; but we shall be honoured to be in such illustrious company.

Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, most importantly, is in a STUNNING location, surrounded by things that make Badger go giddy and dance like a loon. Steam Trains… Castle…. Country… Sea… and LOTS of MUSICAL beauty.

Do come along 🙂 xx

Final Gigs of the YEAR 2015

It’s been an amazing year for The Model Folk.
We have done many things, not least many GIGS.

So, as, unbelievably, 2015 draws its final beauteous breath, we bring you the following things.

The Griffin, Frome

Yes. Back to the beautiful Griffin in Frome. A cosy fireside retreat and amazing beers. And we shall FILL it with Model Folk. You are charged with FILLING it with non-Model Folk. We expect, and welcome a TUSSLE. Thank you.
This occurs on SATURDAY 19th DECEMBER

The Beehive, Swindon

Perhaps considered our ‘other’ home pub, the mighty BEEHIVE has asked us back for a sudden LAST MINUTE gig. They love us this much. THIS. And we LOVE THEM TOO. Shower Wiltshire with Model Folk love on this date: SUNDAY 27th DECEMBER


We, The Model Folk, would like to THANK YOU for BUYING the album, the EP, and coming to all our gigs this year, helping make it a year of EXTRAORDINARY beauty.
Thank you.

Here is a SINGING WEASEL, which is a method of gratitude that is BECOMING of you for YOUR patronage:



Our apologies for luring you into this post with the possibility of BARGAINS.

Please note, we are NOT a large RETAIL chain selling comestibles at allegedly RIDICULOUS prices*

A weasel of incorrect proportions. It might be a stoat. Charlatan.



You will attend one of these THREE WISE SHOWS**

06/11/2015 The Old Firehouse, Exeter.

28/11/2015 Under The Edge Arts, Chipping Hall, Wotton-under-Edge.

29/11/2015 The Royal Oak (where we were born out of little babies like the Baby Jesus** and his little friends), Clevedon… (16:00)

Serving Suggestion

* Jesmond’s Woodlouse Emporium would like to point out that, though it is an unassociated unregistered non-charity, it too, is not affiliated with SALES of any kind. Thank you.

** Our apologies for the blatant hint of impending seasonal celebratory “high jinx”.

Dorset Bound Again

Rapidly becoming our OTHER favourite part of the world, Dorset, home to LASHINGS of GINGER BEER, is where we are headed next.


That is THIS weekend. The 17th October.

And guess what. They did a LOVELY page for us. RIGHT HERE.