Look below. A BRAND NEW, and VERY SHINY new VIDEO TRIPTYCH of The Model Folk and what they DO NOW


Hello. We have a BRAND NEW BETAMAX for you to WATCH!
Featuring beautiful dancers Kerri and Xavi, it is a celebration of LIFE and LOVE.
Ill Spectre provided us with this beauteous his site can be found here:

N1pples For Men

The Model Folk would like to take this opportunity to allow the following people revel in their collective loveliness.
This is because it was THEM what DID THESE with their fingers and their BRAINS.

Firstly, we offer our SINCEREST gratitude and LOVE to Ill Spectre Productions.
Ill Spectre cunningly provided his ABILITY with a camera and ANIMATION KNOWLEDGE of videos.
He is available via THIS medium. Be patient we have more to say before you look AT THE LINK. However, we urge you to browse his beauteous music videos here:

Secondly, we offer our CONSIDERABLE thanks and hearty HANDSHAKE and MANLY banter to the splendidly appointed Samantics is a clever and wily lyricist and performer, check out the wonderful sounds he makes:

Thank you.