Look below. A BRAND NEW, and VERY SHINY new VIDEO TRIPTYCH of The Model Folk and what they DO NOW


That Pansy Craze

The Model Folk would like to take this opportunity to allow the following people revel in their collective loveliness.
This is because it was THEM what DID THESE with their fingers and their BRAINS.

Firstly, we offer our SINCEREST gratitude and LOVE to Ms Rachael Sherlock.
Rachael cunningly provided her ABILITY with a camera and her KNOWLEDGE of editing videos and making SOUND stick to the video.
She is available via THIS medium. Be patient we have more to say before you look AT THE LINK. However, we urge you to browse her beauteous filming abilities here:

Secondly, we offer our CONSIDERABLE thanks and hearty HANDSHAKE and MANLY banter to the splendidly appointed Ms Neil Parker
is a clever and wily photographer of our furry animal chums, but is also a dab hand with a VIDEO recording device. Here is the website of him:

Thirdly, we offer a HUGE HAIRY thank you to the HAIRY but NOT HUGE Mr Mark Tanner.
Mr Tanner’s
hair is long, and much admired for the luxuriant nature of his HAIR. This was oft noted by Miggle. It is OK Because Miggle Knows Mark And There Is No Misunderstanding.
He, the titular Mr Tanner, is also wise in the ways of MICROPHONES and WIRES. Without him and his CUNNING knowledge, these videos would NOT MAKE SOUND.

And finally, Mr Alex Out Of The Model Folk, for it is HIM what MIXED all the sound that Mr Mark Tanner allowed onto the wax cylinders. Sometimes we helped, but mostly we heaped DERISION on his MISERABLE face.


Thank you.