The Model Folk activity in pictorial form

Occasionally, it has been known that CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS conspire to photograph The Model Folk.
It is not something The Model Folk take kindly to, and as yet we have not discovered whom is responsible for wielding a pinhole camera in the direction of The Model Folk.

Suffice to say, these photographic items appear here only under SUFFERANCE and PROTEST from The Model Folk Except from Miggle, who revels in his vanity and cocksure nature.
Although we abhor this, we are a democracy of Miggle, and so therefore we are duty bound.

So here are some of these ill-advised photographic mishaps, conveyed to YOU by the hand of our esteemed mystical web wizard. You cannot know WHOM this is. Stop ASKING.


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Photo by Daniel Cadell


Photo at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival 2016 by Stephen Jones of Dorset Bays Photography


Photo by Tony Barrett-Powell @ http://www.tbpphoto.co.uk