Like all good things…

They say that Patience is a VIRTUE. It is. Isn’t it. YES.

THE MODEL FOLK are stupidly excited by the new stuff that’s being recorderised in the Evil Tower Of Musical Secrets And Righteous Justice. But we’re not there yet – we’ve still to add the blistering guitar solos and 10 minute keyboard widdling. Also, renowned trad folk artiste, David Guetta is currently “a tad busy chaps, but once I’ve finished doing that stuff what I does and that, like, you know; I’ll be there for you like what they sez in the song off the funny program with the woman with the hair”. OBVS.

THEREFORE, the ONLY way to hear this new stuff at the moment is to COME TO OUR GIGS

The Old Bookshop is next!




One comment on “Like all good things…

  1. Carl Freeman says:

    The Guetta gave the Black Eyed Peas a “feeling” (or so Will-he-is) claimed. What wonders would he work with the Model Folk? Nah….they don’t need over-rated guests. They already BURST with talent. They would overshadow any special guests (or Guettas). The anticipation continues to build…..

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