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Friendly links

Jake Smithies Illustrator

We discovered Jake through our friend Liam who makes wonderful Ukuleles at Wunderkammer Instruments. Jake has been responsible for the new artwork found on our new t shirts and badges and our forth coming second album.

Songs from the Shed

Our friend Jon, and his little Shed. A Shed he fills with MUSICIANS to great acclaim. Some of these musicians are famous, but all are beautiful.

Epileptic Gibbon

A site run by Mr Ian Fairholm, a man blessed with mighty podcasting talentry and wilfully obscure but lovely musical philanthropic tendencies

Miscellaneous Links

Clevedon Music Shop. Go and “like”.

Purveyors of fine musical instruments, sheet music and withering sarcasm from the violin department

Badger’s Photos

Badger sometimes gets his camera, points it at things, and then puts the things on the internet

Jerry’s Stereo Photography

Jesmond and his insistence that we all see in 3d. Little does he know that everyone else but him sees in only two dimensions. Don’t tell him, it’s our secret yeah?

Musical links (Bands what we like)…

Ant Noel and the Peabody Drakes

Our lovely friends & purveyors of beautiful alt-country sounds.

The Forgetting Curve

When he is not playing his drumset for The Model Folk he can be found Twanging his guitar and shouting at people in a manor he calls very cathartic with this power rock trio.

Glitzy BagHags

Many have asked about The Hasselhoff song we sometimes play, it is by the awesome Glitzy BagHags, get a copy a their brilliant album Grater Hits as Hasselhoff can be found on that along with 12 other rather spiffing tunes.

Fly Yeti Fly

We met these two at a couple of the festivals we played at back in 2015 and really love the beautiful music they make, they even asked Alex to play his Giant Man Sized Violin on their latest album.


Samantics is the next generation one man band. Using a loop-station many instruments he creates live, multi-instrumental, spoken word (with a sprinkle of hiphop). He’s not a stereotypical rapper, he’s not into maiming and murking Gs but he does love gaming and slurping tea. (A fellow tea lover)