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Friendly links

Songs from the Shed

Our friend Jon, and his little Shed. A Shed he fills with MUSICIANS to great acclaim. Some of these musicians are famous, but all are beautiful.

Epileptic Gibbon

A site run by Mr Ian Fairholm, a man blessed with mighty podcasting talentry and wilfully obscure but lovely musical philanthropic tendencies

Miscellaneous Links

Clevedon Music Shop. Go and “like”.

Purveyors of fine musical instruments, sheet music and withering sarcasm from the violin department

Badger’s Photos

Badger sometimes gets his camera, points it at things, and then puts the things on the internet

Jerry’s Stereo Photography

Jesmond and his insistence that we all see in 3d. Little does he know that everyone else but him sees in only two dimensions. Don’t tell him, it’s our secret yeah?

Alex’s bass tuition service

Not only will you learn how to play bass, as per M.O.D’s bestest “badass” bass player, but you will also be providing him dinner money for school.

Miggle’s Mysterious Musical Endeavours

The Miggle. The Miggle is an Enigma. Or is that Menigmla? Anyway, sometimes other people entice The Miggle to hit things for them. Sometimes The Miggle hits things on his own, and sings into cans.

Yet more links…

Our lovely friends Ant Noel and the Peabody Drakes, purveyors of beautiful alt-country sounds

Miggle’s lovely other band is the psychedelic surf sounds of Mustard Allegro!

Esteemed clarinetist and singist with Ant Noel’s band, here’s James Stallwood’s magical page – but it’s not music. Crazy!