HOME AGAIN. And something of a TEASE.


It may seem we have been quiet. But we have not. Well, amongst ourselves we have not been quiet, and far be it from us to point out that LOUD webpages do not CURRY FAVOUR.

There are REASONS for this. Some of which we will not tell you, because we are a TEASE.

But it involves PLANS for 2017. Yes it does.

We will now leave that THERE.

So what is NEXT for TMF? Hm?

Well, let’s talk about one of our LAST FEW GIGS THIS YEAR OF OUR LARD 2016

Tomorrow we shall be playing at the our HOME venue. The delightful and non-whimsical retreat known as The Royal Oak, in Clevedon!

This is the last time this year that locals may PET & STROKE MIGGLE.


Here we are on the CLEVEDON PIER a while back….

This not The Model Folk

This not The Model Folk. This is a RUSE.


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