Final Gigs of the YEAR 2015

It’s been an amazing year for The Model Folk.
We have done many things, not least many GIGS.

So, as, unbelievably, 2015 draws its final beauteous breath, we bring you the following things.

The Griffin, Frome

Yes. Back to the beautiful Griffin in Frome. A cosy fireside retreat and amazing beers. And we shall FILL it with Model Folk. You are charged with FILLING it with non-Model Folk. We expect, and welcome a TUSSLE. Thank you.
This occurs on SATURDAY 19th DECEMBER

The Beehive, Swindon

Perhaps considered our ‘other’ home pub, the mighty BEEHIVE has asked us back for a sudden LAST MINUTE gig. They love us this much. THIS. And we LOVE THEM TOO. Shower Wiltshire with Model Folk love on this date: SUNDAY 27th DECEMBER


We, The Model Folk, would like to THANK YOU for BUYING the album, the EP, and coming to all our gigs this year, helping make it a year of EXTRAORDINARY beauty.
Thank you.

Here is a SINGING WEASEL, which is a method of gratitude that is BECOMING of you for YOUR patronage:



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