Roaring Back To Purbeck

Hello you, and you.
It is with great pleasure, and therefore our PROUD DUTY to announce, that we, The Model Folk, have been once again added to the beautiful Purbeck Valley Folk Festival.

This was a considerable highlight for us last year, and I don’t think we ever had such a lovely welcome. The sight of hundreds barking in time still fills us with immeasurable glee

This momentous news means that we will be sharing the bill with the likes of….


We will not be walking 500 miles, in fact we shall be driving; but we shall be honoured to be in such illustrious company.

Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, most importantly, is in a STUNNING location, surrounded by things that make Badger go giddy and dance like a loon. Steam Trains… Castle…. Country… Sea… and LOTS of MUSICAL beauty.

Do come along 🙂 xx


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