Jesmond’s February Astronomy Club

Dear reader. You will ABSORB these words of JESMOND.  The second in a regular slot of episodes*
Thank you.


Hello. I am JESMOND.
Welcome to the second of my monthly witterings on all things to do with PLANETS and STARS and stuff like that
THIS is February’s edition of Astronomy Club. Well, January lived up to expectation. I spent most evenings wearing most of my winter wardrobe while loitering on a hill above my town binoculars at the ready in the vain hope the cloud cover would part and I might get to see some of these “Wonders” Prof Cocks keeps wistfully promising us we will see. Gaze in to the distance my friend, January was freezing.
One thing I did see that did impress me was this great big white disk. It was pretty bright and had the habit of shrinking in size the higher it got in to the sky. Sometimes it would change colour. Usually from a pinky orange to boring white.
Another thing it did which caused me great consternation was it did have a tendency to change shape.

jesmonds_astronomy 2jesmonds_astronomy 3

Sometimes I wasn’t sure if I was looking at the same thing from night to night. Through the binoculars I noted that there were holes in it. This led me to the conclusion that it may be a flat object though I could be wrong.There were a few nights in the month when I didn’t see this disk. This vexed me greatly.
Here is a moving and GRACEFUL video commentary of this disturbing EVENT:
When it returned, I danced for joy. Well, I shuffled about. It’s hard to move very gracefully in wellies, two coats, four jumpers, several pairs of socks and three pairs of trousers. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Astronomy, but some of the romance has gone for me, especially with the clothing.

Back next month, I feel an overwhelming urge to weep gently in the corner.


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