Worcester Party!

Hello. We are telling you about THIS because it has already HAPPENED. 

It happened because of this:


It was not a public event, but it was full of BEAUTY.

M.O.D would like to apologise for this eventually. 

However, the main reason for this post is to THANK with our LOVE and AFFECTIONATE LOVE, the mighty Worcester Ukelele Club for their admirable support, extreme TALENT, and good GRACE. Committed folk loving FIENDS [sic] that we are, we could not help noticing the beautiful rendition of the mighty SHOW OF HANDS’ Cousin Jack. This made Miggle so happy he did a little dance. Onlookers were pleased to note that it was LUCK rather than JUDGEMENT that he did not accidentally get all NAKED LIKE ALL THE OTHER TIMES, because there were ladies present and they were all very pretty. He then cried, whilst Stallwood installed printers and Alex raised his left eyebrow.

At which point (damn)

Soon, JESMOND deemed this to be a thing of wonder.


You MUST read about the aforementioned club of ukelele might on this link:



Thank you x


5 comments on “Worcester Party!

  1. I’m going on a course next week to broaden my horizons and branch out from printer installation.

  2. SPODY. says:


  3. Gazk says:

    And a great time was had by all – thanks for inviting us to play

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