Our apologies for luring you into this post with the possibility of BARGAINS.

Please note, we are NOT a large RETAIL chain selling comestibles at allegedly RIDICULOUS prices*

A weasel of incorrect proportions. It might be a stoat. Charlatan.



You will attend one of these THREE WISE SHOWS**

06/11/2015 The Old Firehouse, Exeter.

28/11/2015 Under The Edge Arts, Chipping Hall, Wotton-under-Edge.

29/11/2015 The Royal Oak (where we were born out of little babies like the Baby Jesus** and his little friends), Clevedon… (16:00)

Serving Suggestion

* Jesmond’s Woodlouse Emporium would like to point out that, though it is an unassociated unregistered non-charity, it too, is not affiliated with SALES of any kind. Thank you.

** Our apologies for the blatant hint of impending seasonal celebratory “high jinx”.


  1. Dear Model Folk,

    Can you help me with an educational conundrum please?

    How do you tell a Stoat From a Weasel?


    Your humble servant…..

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