The Earl of Arran & Little Aspy

With a heavy heart, but also a heart BURSTING with pride, we bid The Earl of Arran & Little Aspy a FOND farewell as they head for the land of DOING OTHER STUFF FOR A BIT.

They have not left, but since they now have decided to live in a magical LAND OF PIXIES WITH LITTLE MAGIC HATS, they cannot play with us for a WHILE.

Last night’s IMMENSE gig at our OTHER OTHER HOME GIG, the BEEHIVE Swindon, was indeed their last regular gig for now in The Model Folk Clump. We like to THANK Andy & the wonderful people of that establishment for their rousing response.

It was EMOTIONAL as it has been an INCREDIBLE summer especially since Little Aspy told us we had to let him join and swing his TROMBONE in our faces with a big FART noise coming out of it. We wondered if his decision to make us have him play would make us feel funny in our tummies in a bad way; but NO, it made us feel a GOOD feeling in our tummies all SUMMER.

And as for The Earl Of Arran, well, we have nurtured him from a LITTLE SPECK, into a fully fledged SMUDGE of BEAUTY. We owe him a deal of SUCH MAGNITUDE it cannot be measured. His wayward and amusing LACK OF GRACE has endeared him to at least TWO people since joining us, and even when he makes a swear and has to be put in The Corner, he is still loved. Such gargantuan efforts do not go unrewarded, though we cannot conceive of what this reward may consist of. Suffice to say, we shall miss this CHEEKY YOUNG PUP too.

However, you MUST NOT FORGET and you MUST WELCOME the fact that BRAVE SIR THOMAS brings his way of TRUMPET to the band from now on. If Sir THOMAS is not being BRAVE, and the TIMING is appropriate, we have little doubt that Little Aspy & The Earl of Arran will make GUEST APPEARANCES by HIDING in the venue and surprising us by making unwise noises. If they are GOOD they may DO MORE next YEAR

Thank you
The Model Folk


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