Back to Worcester Music Festival!


This is one of our favourite* festivals which is full of LOVE and JOY. Please note we do not refer to Auntie Joy. She has stated that she will not be attending due to a “wool crisis”. Harrumph.

So we urge you to ATTEND this


…not just on…

FRIDAY 18th SEPTEMBER at St Swithun’s Institute Hall

where we HEADLINE and PLAY STUFF AT YOU, but also you MUST ATTEND the entire weekend, if you live there or indeed ANYWHERE WITHIN EASY REACH OF IT.

And guess what?






You get to hear STUFF for NOTHING, but without resorting to NEFARIOUS MEANS.

Though we do urge you to resort to BRIBERY & EXTORTION** at every given OPPORTUNITY as long as YOU are the person relinquishing your GROATS and the CHARITY buckets are the recipients of the MONETARY exchange.
Actually we are not sure that works as a humourous concept, just go with it. We MEAN WELL.

So just ruddy do this as we are now hungry and will avail ourselves of carefully prepared toast.

Thank you x

* We have many favourites, but this one is poignant this year, and the festival is dedicated to a LOVELY MAN who left our world very recently

** We do not condone illegal behaviour, especially Miggle Patting. Miggle does not like to be PATTED. He has deemed this illegal, and has unlimited resources to HOUND perpetrators. Thank you

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