Triumphant Homecoming Christmas Gig

M.O.D are coming to town… There’s a song in that somewhere. However. In this case, the annual Christmas Gig of Justice Featuring M.O.D, your Ultimate Folk Band Of Justice. Fresh from an exhaustive yearly tour of various venues playing stuff at people, M.O.D welcome you to some kind of ridiculous shindig.

As Miggle excitedly squealed: “Fed up of Turkey? or is nut loaf your thing? Well never mind it isn’t Christmas yet. Come along to MODZ FREE Christmas Gig of Ultimate Justice 2013 and have a cup of tea or 25 with us, we dont mind as we totally endorce the magical liquid product known as tea. Yeah TEA MMMmmmmm. We might do some music too.”

Alex whimpered: “Obligatory Christmas Gig Invite”

Jerry threw a minion up in the air and LAUGHED

James installed a printer

Arran hid in his Trumpet because HE CAN.

Badger wrote this rubbish

and we might have a special guest or two. Oh yes. Maybe three. Obviously you lot are special too.

FREE ENTRY at the LOVELY CAMPBELL’S LANDING opposite the MIGHTY & VICTORIOUS Clevedon Pier, THRUSTING maniacally into the TUMULTUOUS current of the SEVERN.


M.O.D do not endorse smoking. They do endorse BEARDS of the WHITE variety though.


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