Thank you The Barge Inn…

What an evening to round off a cool few days! Thank you to all at The Barge Inn for a fantastic reception. The Barge Bangers were the best sausages we’ve ever had, probably, and the ale was apparently beautiful* too.

What a beautiful beautiful venue. So much so, we left Jerry there as an excuse to go back when the pub calls us to point out we’d left him behind.

We were so happy that on the way home James decided he wanted to make his own crop circle “homage”. Of course, we found this distasteful, and pointed out that there is no crop in which to make this circle given that most farmers had cunningly harvested the crop; and besides, we didn’t want our friends from other planets landing on his head and probing him whilst he made his “crop circle”. Then he fell asleep whilst dribbling and occasionally muttering about installing printers. 


*Badger does not understand this “beer” concept. There is only tea. TEA. Yes.


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