Collectively Speaking

For some time now, dear readers, M.O.D have slavishly pondered over a collective noun for their followers. 
Literally HUNDREDS of seconds have been mindlessly wasted on this subject. This was occurring whilst Jerry catalogued all the LITTLE spiders in a DARK CORNER, being the PRINCE OF EVIL that he has lately and SURELY become.

It may surprise you to LEARN that M.O.D fans do indeed REQUIRE a collective noun.

Today, we proudly unveil the NAME bestowed upon YOU when you are watching M.O.D.

From now on, all M.O.D fans shall be affectionately referred to as – 


This is AFFECTION on a scale that M.O.D would not normally convey, but M.O.D are heartened, as of late, by the unbridled love which M.O.D fans have been alleged to demonstrate.

Failure to revel in this FINE MONIKER will be punished with RIDICULE and CHILDISH NAME-CALLING. Mostly courtesy of the band’s resident teenager, Alex. 




ps keen followers of Miggle’s Adventures will note that lately, he has adopted a definite article. He is now The Miggle. Failure to understand this SIMPLE instruction will ALSO lead to RIDICULE from Alex.


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