Olive’s Beautiful Cake Course

Hello M.O.D fans. We have decided that you must read a semi-regular GUEST STAR COLUMN.

YOU will read this. Do not be swayed by other journalistic ENDEAVOURS.


Hello dear reader

My name is Olive. Proud mother of at least one of the beautiful musical troupe known to you as M.O.D.

It has come to my attention that M.O.D fans lack poise and sophistication.

As a mother and upstanding citizen, it is my duty to remedy this situation, via the power of CAKES and BAKING.

To this end, today marks the first in a short line of cookery courses.

Today’s  lovely cooking lesson is for the noble and delicate delicacy known as butterfly cakes


Photo courtesy of Mr Reginald Unsworth the Third (Mrs)

Without further ado, it is my considerable pleasure to dispense my considerable care and knowledge in the pursuit of this lovely treat!

Instructions for Butterfly Cakes

  1. Assemble the ingredients.
  2. Put the ingredients in a tin
  3. Bake the living daylights out of them
  4. Feed to The Minions.
  5. LAUGH as the Minions EAT the CAKES.

I thank you.


Well, I’m sure we all found that INFORMATIVE.



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  1. Olive Turner says:


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