Lucky Reader of the machinations, trials and tribulations of your beloved M.O.D

For YOU have been lucky enough to find out by STEALTHY MEANS that M.O.D are in fact playing a hitherto TOP SECRET gig.

Yes. It is TOP SECRET.

ON NO ACCOUNT MUST YOU ACCIDENTALLY TELL EVERYONE because this is our SECRET, just between you, loyal FRIEND, and US, your trustworthy and BEAUTIFUL M.O.D.

This SECRET gig, you will be honoured to learn is within the BUSTLING METROPOLIS of Clevedon.

That will be THIS THURSDAY, the TWENTY FIRST DAY OF JUNE. at One O’Clock in the Afternoon. THIS IS LUNCHTIME.

It takes place in a MUSIC SHOP. Bob owns the music shop. He has forcibly told US to tell YOU that you are ALLOWED to enter the SHOP to watch M.O.D. You may also purchase MUSIC BASED TRINKETS whilst you visit. Do not expect BETTY to make tea. Your approach will be greeted with DISDAIN, as Badger often finds out to his SHAME.


That will be THIS THURSDAY. at One O’Clock in the Afternoon. WE HAVE ALREADY TOLD YOU. PAY ATTENTION.

BE THERE and remember, this is OUR LITTLE SECRET

Bob’s MAGICAL MUSICAL EMPORIUM can be found using these details:



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