Signs of cogs and grinding machinery in M.O.D Towers suggest that the next performance is due. This heroic exploit will take place on the 8th of July.
Betty has been observed to apply stern measures to ensure that other members of M.O.D are brought to heel and do not utter views contrary to Betty’s Law of Discipline. Special dietary measures have been applied.
This, M.O.D will do for YOU, so that YOU may observe M.O.D in an untamed outdoor setting.
M.O.D will play this EVENT with a cavalcade of other splendid bands.
Want to know more? Well you could look at this fine event page on The Book of Faces. Bandstand Facebook Event

Here is the running order, times may vary slightly….

Bring a Picnic and Watch Live Music on Clevedon Bandstand All Day (Weather Permitting, Please Check here first)….
► ANT NOEL & THE PEABODY DRAKES – 16.50 – 17.30
7-piece foot-stomping, head thinking, muscle gyrating folk-swamp band.

► SHARPSHOOTERS – 16.00 – 16.40
Local blue grass trio featuring, mandolin, guitar & violin.

► DAN BROUGHAN – 15.10 – 15.50
Frontman of The Ouija Birds playing an acoustic set.

► M.O.D. – 14.20 – 15.00
M.O.D. are an up tempo folk band who blend traditional folk, gypsy jazz & klezmer using the fiddle, washboard, double bass, mandolin and a multitude of whooping and percussion!

► COCOA HILL – 13.30 – 14.10
Acoustic Trio playing original material penned by Mike Bullock plus a range of covers specialising in hits from the 1960s

► THE HERBS – 12.40 – 13.20
Are a folky 4 piece comprising Violin, Accordion/guitar,low and other whistles and bongos, playing Traditional Celtic folk Music.

► THE HICKS BROTHERS – 11.50 – 12.30
Beautiful two part harmonies in the style of Simon & Garfunkel backed with acoustic guitar influenced by Tom Waits, Richard Thompson, The Beatles, Paul Simon, Neil Young, The Band, The Kinks, Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Monkees, etc.

► THE OAKIES – 11.00 – 11.40
Folk/Rock/Rhythm & Blues Band. Tim Martin, Jerry Turner, David Hamnett, Kevin Walker, Julian Simcox, Well known to Clevedonians who visit the Royal Oak on Wednesdays.

With cordial respect.
Badger x


2 comments on “Bandstand!

  1. M.O.D says:

    Studious types will point out that “clicking below’ is not the primary means of attending this event. Forms of transport and a general willingness are the PREFERRED METHOD for attending events.
    Clicking this link and accepting the invite is NOT LEGALLY BINDING, despite what you may have read in society journals.

  2. M.O.D says:

    Addendum: It has been noted that during M.O.D concerts, some audience members have been observed to use inappropriate celebrations; these deplorable aberrations consist of wanton expressions of grandeur.

    Do not presume to lull M.O.D into this world of depravity. These cocksure expressions of youthful vigour can only be practiced in the safety of your home.

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