We are humbled by BEAUTIFUL ART!

The mysterious, and EXCELLENT artist known only in hushed tones as Nettie of Artkore Mosaics has fashioned this MIGHTY URN of TEA out of JESMOND’S words and a SCARY clown FACE.

Nettie is known to watch us from behind wooden fences when we play in The Beehive in Swindon. This is how this happened and that is how it happened. Because it happened.

A teapot made out of words and LOVE.

A teapot made out of words and LOVE. Click the image to view the Artkore Mosaics page!

We are humbled by this BEAUTEOUS ode to one of our NEWEST songs, that will appear on the as yet UNTITLED album. Miggle wanted to make the album TITLE out of SWEARS but Alex told him to GO IN A CORNER and NOT COME OUT AGAIN until he promised not to make RUDENESS again. We all nodded our approval. But then we wrote a song about MIGGLE and he was happy again. You cannot hear this song, it is merely a PLOT device within this RAMBLING message.


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