Tour Of Wiltshire Part 2


RAUCOUS. SWEATY. BOHEMIAN. ANYTHING WENT & so it DID… including all of Badger’s mandolin D strings, Alex’s bass spike and a DOG was SO FRUSTRATED BECAUSE SNOUT WAS NOT ON THE SETLIST that he sabotaged Badger’s harmonium. WITH HIS PAWS. He then looked all innocent and he was very FLUFFY like ALL dogs and we loved him for it in the end. Possibly. Yeah. CHEERS ZED.

Our first ever FOLK MOSHPIT ensued, and it turns out that although the Railways replaced most of the CANALS, our song about Beeching’s pit of EVIL was still roundly LOVED.

Amazing & beautiful crowd… and apparently some folks from The Beehive in Swindon STALKED US.

Thank you xxx

Sorry.. no pics on this one.. but if you have em.. email us at mod(dot)folk(at)gmail(dot)com xx


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