2013 and all that jazz (OK folk)

Hello friends

Well M.O.D have played their last gig of 2013, surrounded by smashing plates and silly dancing. 

We would like to say thank you for coming to our gigs, dancing to our tunes and buying our EP.

We would like to say that, but we won’t. 

Instead we will say we LOVE YOU and we give LOVING THANKS, not just “thank you”, for all those things what YOU DID in our company. YES, that even includes that THING you HOPED WE HADN’T NOTICED. YOU KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

Already 2014 is looking to be a BEAUTIFUL year x

Here is what to expect in the short term from M.O.D:

  • Miggle is so happy he will bang his drumset for you. AND LAUGH.
  • Jerry is currently shopping for new LEGS
  • Alex will be 13 to celebrate
  • Badger will shout at you even more
  • Stallwood will install MORE printers
  • Arran will reach the age of 38
  • Betty will continue to lurk, offering words of withering sarcasm

You will be HAPPY with this. 

Thank you and may we fail to wish you a SPLENDID appropriated former pagan festival and a happy new Roman-decided year!



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