A Lovely Day in Weymouth

Yes. M.O.D braved the spring weather, busked in Weymouth, and then popped onto the radio with Air 107.2 Community Radio

We had a lovely time chatting with our splendid hosts and also had time to play some live stuff!


3 comments on “A Lovely Day in Weymouth

  1. Jen says:

    The shadow of Mikes foot either looks EVIL…. or very Monty Python. Great stuff M.O.D x

  2. Hi M.O.D this is amazing, I’m a voluntary presenter at AIR 107.2 and I saw this on their facebook page, I do a thursday night show, this is incredible, Thanks for popping down and performing!

    • M.O.D says:

      Hi Both, thank you for your kind words of encouragement !
      Much love and respect


      Ps Harry – the ep should be with us tomorrow so keep an eye peeled for details – as this cheeky track is on it! 🙂

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