It has been observed that M.O.D are currently furiously scribbling on SMALL SCRAPS of PAPER. This has led to IDEAS and even NEW SONGS.

To this end, the violin wielding disciplinarian known as BETTY; has ensured that M.O.D are locked in the M.O.D shed for at least 20 hours a day without BISCUITS to complete these beautiful tunes FOR YOU. Alex is even ALLOWED TO STAY UP LATE to assist the mighty SONG ASSEMBLING AXIS that is M.O.D

Should these SONGS pass the judgement of the BETTY EAR, it is possible they will be performed in future M.O.D happenings.

This is exciting news. Betty DEMANDS that you are EXCITED.

Those who show APPROPRIATE ENTHUSIASM will be rewarded fo their allegiance. Lack of EXCITEMENT will be met with withering SARCASM.

Thank you

Many of you haven’t written in to demand assistance with JUDGING THE MOOD OF A FOX

This fox is in a JAUNTY MOOD


The fox below is in a NONCHALANT MOOD








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