4 comments on “Beautiful M.O.D photos from the Marlens Festival!

  1. Chris says:

    Nice photos, I have many of you guys at the Copse Road Gig and Clevedon free,
    Do you want them for the site?


    • M.O.D says:

      Hello Chris,
      Why yes, that sounds marvellous, do let us know how we may obtain these pictures! We would be happy to post them here in a gallery and give you full credit!

      M.O.D give thanks to YOU! 🙂


      • Chris Lee says:

        Let me know an e-mail I can send them to or I can post them on my google account and send you the link. have sent a couple to i-witness 24 a local free paper website.

      • M.O.D says:

        Hello Chris
        Why that’s thoroughly lovely of you, our email is enshrined in pixel form on the homepage of modfolk.com – as is a contact form, and a link to follow our exploits!
        We have a gmail account and all the MODminions have access to this. Do send us the url to i-witness too!

        M.O.D give love and thanks xxx

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