Beautiful M.O.D photos from the Marlens Festival!

Keen M.O.D follower, and photographer of the stars, Mr Steve Horatio Archibald Murnan, kindly took these BEAUTIFUL photos of us on Sunday! With his shiny camera!


He also has a photostream on – click here!


4 comments on “Beautiful M.O.D photos from the Marlens Festival!

  1. Chris says:

    Nice photos, I have many of you guys at the Copse Road Gig and Clevedon free,
    Do you want them for the site?


    • M.O.D says:

      Hello Chris,
      Why yes, that sounds marvellous, do let us know how we may obtain these pictures! We would be happy to post them here in a gallery and give you full credit!

      M.O.D give thanks to YOU! 🙂


      • Chris Lee says:

        Let me know an e-mail I can send them to or I can post them on my google account and send you the link. have sent a couple to i-witness 24 a local free paper website.

      • M.O.D says:

        Hello Chris
        Why that’s thoroughly lovely of you, our email is enshrined in pixel form on the homepage of – as is a contact form, and a link to follow our exploits!
        We have a gmail account and all the MODminions have access to this. Do send us the url to i-witness too!

        M.O.D give love and thanks xxx

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