Weekend Roundup Thing

What a lovely weekend.

M.O.D did two lots of PLAYING in front of REAL people. People like YOU. Yes. YOU. You and your shiny friends. Yeah, you go to your shiny NEW friends. We used to be friends but now you’ve got all your SPECIAL NEW ONES. Well, don’t come running back to us when they disappoint you. Yeah they promise…

Oh.. sorry, bit off track there.


Some photos, what Jerry took, and we STOLE from his album. How we laugh. We are such sculduggerous coves. Oh yes.

Nailsea Beer & Cider Festival


This is us.. ON STAGE in NAILSEA


This is MIGGLE. MAKING BADGER DRINK BOOZE. Badger is a strict disciplinarian. He is now SOILED.

Busking at the Pier. Betty could not join us sadly




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