Musical Rampage in Clevedon

Today, on this day, M.O.D feel honoured to have played a beautiful secret gig. It was so beautiful, Betty made tea for everyone. Hurrahs all round. 
It was even more so beautiful because Alex said it was Beautiful. Alex is not given to such casually crafted hyperbole for he is normally VERY QUIET and NOT TO BE DISTURBED. We then made him stand in a puddle and threw beetles at him. We also laughed at him until he cried. We noticed his tears were made up of little spiders making webs. Betty then knitted the webs into bags to carry STUFF.

Photo courtesy of Olive Turner

If you weren’t there, it is because you weren’t able to come. M.O.D do not think unkindly of you. M.O.D understand.

Actually M.O.D might hold it against you. Therefore you are charged with Attending The Next Gig. Or else.

Ok we’re all friends now aren’t we. Just our little joke back there.

Or was it?


One comment on “Musical Rampage in Clevedon

  1. Olive Turner says:

    I love all of this, and I got a mention YAY!!

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