A bit of an impromptu busk

Following a sordid lack of adherence to M.O.D’s normally strict dietary principles; today some of M.O.D (in this instance, O.D) graced the seafront of Clevedon. Opting to cunningly play SONGS for esteemed people owing to how her Majesty The Queen, Gawd Bless Her, was having a big shindig apparently.


Clicking this facebook link not only allows you to view this momentous event, but also ensures you have no excuse but to LIKE our Facebook page*. You do not need to join THE BOOK OF FACES by clicking this link. You may LIKE M.O.D in the privacy of your own home instead.

*OK OK, you are not legally required to LIKE our page. The only obligation is to exercise your LOVE for M.O.D

Those of you with a keen eye will notice an INFILTRATOR on Michael’s DRUMSET. This is not to be ENCOURAGED.


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