Sheds, in Gardens.

A few weeks ago, M.O.D were stupifyingly honoured to be asked by Jon Earl, mighty Clevedonian behind Songs From The Shed

It is a prestigious honour. Bequeathed only to those worthy of the distinction.

So how?

Well, as Jon himself would say, one night down the Royal Oak, one pint later, Jon drunkenly received the divine inspiration to record VIDEOS of PEOPLE in his SHED.

Suffice to say, this worrying concept was adapted quickly to “video musicians playing stuff in the shed” due to the fact that the Oak houses lots of slightly unkempt musicians, of varying ages and species.

The next day, Jon lured Jerry and Liz, two local sorts to his shed; and yes, it was the very next day.

As a distraction, they brought some instruments. Liz, brought her fiddle, which she apparently found when challenging some shifty sort in Georgia. Jerry, he brought his guitar, and a talent gifted to him by learning things.

Thus, Songs From The Shed was born.

Soon, luminaries of the music world began to descend on the shed. Musicians that have played include Fairport Convention, Roddy Woomble, 3 Daft Monkeys, Steve Harley, Steve Knightly out of Show of Hands.

More importantly

Back in January 2012, M.O.D, after some personnel shuffles, played their first gig of the NEW ERA of M.O.D at a busy Clevedon Pub.

Jon, being now well versed in Folk of all sorts, mostly the musical sort, was present, and was brutally pummelled by M.O.D’s divine brilliance. So much so, he hatched a plan;

What if I let M.O.D do the 200th Shed?

Said Jon, to himself. He then said it to M.O.D

Some months later, M.O.D arrived.

And played.

And when the time was right, the world knew what M.O.D means to it.

Rejoice. Enjoy. KISS M.O.D. KISS THEM.

So here it is…


Daffodil Song / Pinch Of Snuff

Dick Dale (Miserlou) / Klezmer 1


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